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So I thought this is as good of a place as any to write up the things I need to improve in my art, although I'll also summarise how I think I've improved as well.

1) Anatomy. I can always improve my anatomy drawing skills, as I still have trouble with legs and feet, and also making people different heights. However I have improved drastically since last year! I no longer draw everyone as skeletal husks, I can draw thin, muscular, AND chubby people. WOO BODY TYPES. Also I can also draw hands a lot better than I used to.

2) Colour Theory, Unity of Colour. Okay so my art is still a bit of a mess when it comes to colour. I need to start working out palettes that make my art nice to look at and evoke feeling. The pieces where I've done this actually look pretty okay, eg Bruised: gotitmemorisedsgal-8.deviantar… . I'm really happy with that piece because the tones of blue and purples, contrasted by Sips' pale skin looks pretty okay. So more colour!

3) Backgrounds. I never draw good backgrounds! I'm trying to train myself into at least putting some sort of background into my art, but obviously as I rarely have in the past, there's a LOT of room for improvement. Some of my best pieces are the ones where I actually put in the effort to add background ( ) so it's time to stop being lazy and practice!

4) Tone and Shade. Sort of an add on to colour theory but I decided I needed it as a seperate point. Richer, darker shadows, that really contrast with the lightness of skin are something I just struggle with. It's time to stop being scared- if a scene is dark, SHADE IT DARK. If it's light, intensify the colours!


Okay so that's it. Here's the part where I beg for critique. Critique on pieces is what helps an artist develop. When I look at my art, all I see is my process and little tiny flaws normal viewers probably won't even see. Critiquing will help me learn and grow! So please, if you have a spare minute, critique me! :)

(also if i got a premium membership JUST TO CHANGE MY USERNAME that'd be great)
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